20 reasons why 2020 is my best year

Dear 2020, it’s been pleasure, thank you.

1. The year I became a born-again Christian

I cannot fathom how freeing and blessed I feel that God has woken me up this year and be fulfilled by his works.

2. I am earning more money than any other year.

In the times that we live in, I managed to resign from a job I absolutely hated (Yes, I still have a day job and not yet earning enough through writing). I received a new job that allows me to earn much more, and I am also working at home, so it feels like even more of a surplus in income.

3. I had taken up therapy.

For nearly 2 months, I was doing therapy once a week for 1 hour. Although I had to end it due to a clash in our beliefs from a psychological point of view, it has helped me understand any issues I had and continue to go back to her points while looking for a therapist best suited to my needs and lifestyle.

4. I learned not to be a people pleaser.

I become confident in myself and learned not to do things I didn’t feel 100% because it would end up with a negative outcome as a result.

5. I Accepted losing friends.

I lost a total of 4 friends, non of them ending in a feud. I just learned to remove toxic people in my life

6. I set boundaries with my family.

Talking of Toxicity, I learned to create healthier boundaries with my family members.

7. I learned to be kind.

I am a natural empath. I get emotional quite easily when I see evil being done in the world. However, I learned to use the act of kindness more. Asking myself when was the last time I did a good deed and ensuring I do so.

8. Learnt to heal.

Healing from childhood trauma that has led to my adulting years. I learned about my behavioral patterns to be a better daughter, sister, friend, and colleague.

9. I learned more about myself.

I felt like I had more time to think, so I had more time to improve my mental and physical health.

10. Gratitude.

To survive 2020 and be fit and healthy and not have to worry about money is a privilege at it’s finest. I have learned to be so grateful from the moment I wake up. I am so conscious of all the things I have, and l have learned to complain less as a result.

11. I am more privileged than I can fathom.

Going back to gratitude, learning that the country, city and culture that I have consumed by wealth I have learned to let go of worldly view of wealth and instead

12. Accepting my journey.

I have a list of goals I want to achieve and set targets of when I would like to achieve them. If it doesn’t occur in the way I want them to, and I have learned to be ok with that, some of my goals will happen quicker or slower than anticipated.

13. Focus on my own Lane. I am grateful not to have social media where I can easily sidetrack and watch over others’ people’s success and compare them to mine. 14. Sincerity. To be more honest with myself and the people around me. To be more opinionated and defend the disadvantaged and vulnerable is how I have learned to be this year. 15. Love myself. Who else will? I’m the main character In my life. 16. Learning differentiate my needs and wants. By doing so, I have become healthier this year as a result. 17. I learned to break my day down. As much as it is easier to sit down and binge-watch Netflix all day, I am aware of the unhelpful, it is for my sanity and. If I want to move forward in life, I have to sacrifice tv time to add value to important things in my life. 18. mature led attitude. I’m in my mid-20s, so it is expected; however, this year, I have learned to think carefully before taking any drastic actions and attitudes. 19. To be more forgiving. To learned not to hold grudges and move past things. 20. Valuing the importance of fellowship. As a Christian, having a fellowship group is so pivotal. It was important to have a Christian community, especially in the world climate, to remind you to fix up when off track. After a full of blessings this year, I am looking forward to what 2021 has to bring.

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