7 Female Empowering Podcasts

Listening and learning from different women is the content we need to enrich your lives

With the huge consumption of podcast it can be overwhelming for those who are newbies to podcast world or for those who already have their podcast fix set for each day of the week and don't know where to start to get new recommendations.


I cannot give this podcast enough credit. Sheerluxe is a digital magazine with a female founder Georgie Coleridge Cole. They have diversified themselves, including videos home tours for sought after British interior designers and behind their office scenes with the employees' day to day work, which you quickly become invested in. The podcast also includes the team ( All women) on various topics, debates, and advice. Also, a success stories podcast interviewing successful female entrepreneurs called Sheerluxe Success Stories, including stories from – Jo Malone, Thea Green - founder of Nails Inc, Cassandra Stavrou's Co-Founder of Propercorn, and many more.

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"Every company can find authentic stories related to their brands, whether those stories are revealed through interviews, investigations, or real-life demonstrations. With some serious thought about what kind of stories your brand can tell and a commitment to honesty, you have what you need to begin making an engaging podcast, no matter what industry you’re in"


The radio talk show hosted by Jane Garvey and Jenni Murray provides women of all demographics in Britain perspective on social, political, and economic impacts it is having on women in Britain. Topics will vary from Transgenerational trauma to the sustainability of economic trends.

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Kelechi Okafor is one of the bluntest women to listen to in the world of podcasts. Her no-filter approach towards microaggressions amongst Black women gives you the urge to speak up and stand up to wrong doings and frustration black women face daily. The Pole dancer and twerk queen empower confidence, courage, and you will find yourself trying to hold your laughter in public.

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The Founder of Financial Diet, Chelsea Fagan, provides not only a motivational digital outlet for advice for millennials to organize their financial life on her website The Financial Diet, but she has also now diversified into a podcast where you hear stories from other successful women, including PR Agency owner and star of MTV the hills Kelly Cutrone who details the financial truths of the early days of reality tv, the likes of financial gurus who have outgrown their cultural norms, people who have managed to break systematic hierarchies and further clarifications on class and money. This podcast has a balance of entertainment swell as informative.

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The intentional spelling mistakes are from the two northern influencers Lizzie Hadfield and Lindsay Holland, with over 500k followers combined on Instagram; they have branched into podcasting, helping women navigate taboo topics they feel uncomfortable to seek to advice from as well as conversations of being a freelance content creator with guests within the industry.

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With the best selling book Slay in your lane already in place, detailing an inspirational guide to life for a generation of black British women inspired to make lemonade out of lemons and find success in every area of their lives. Authors Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinene branch out to podcasts discussing their personal life and how current topics impact black British women and delve into the current climate and topics and advise how to handle it.

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The Atlanta based Blogger provides wholesome advice on entrepreneurship and how to build a digital business. Advice such as asking someone to guest in your podcasts to learning when it is the right time to pitch to brands.

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With the huge consumption of podcasts, it can be overwhelming for those who are newbies to the podcast world or those who already have their podcast fix set for each day of the week and do not know where to start to get new recommendations.

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