Debunking Colourism Culture

How can we expect society to move forward when our own community cannot?

The black race. An ethnic group with the widest of diversity, complexity, and textures. Many people who fall into this category are defined by their image first and foremost and carry this God-given beauty up, down, and up again the mountain of life.

Where to start? What the first thought I had in mind when the inspiration to write about this came into play Shall I start with history, whereby during the transatlantic slave trade, Black people who wear of lighter skin were deemed to be more superior or in the media industry — tv shows, music videos (with black video vixens), news outlets favored black people with a lighter complexion for roles. This still applies today. Is it really that hard to get the casting right? I am directing this to the numerous tv shows I have seen… Is it that difficult to get the casting, right?

I am aware that the entertainment industry is nothing but that, but watching this behavior attitude in society from childhood creates the habits, norms, and unconscious bias. This is where we find the problem triggering later in life.

Due to the media portrayal, it has programmed people in this community to create the sun-kissed separation - dark-skin divided.

How Can we Debunk and Create a Community Culture Instead?

  1. It’s not your place to define someone’s blackness; as a black person, I have learned my experience as a black person is mine alone. We cannot assume or judge someone by their skin tone to be black enough or not.

  2. Educate, educate, and educate the younger generations of all black is beauty.

  3. Uplift and support where you can as an individual and acknowledge that this issue extends further than the black community.

  4. To be confident in your skin and not let society dictate what is pleasing. I started this blog for this reason as I loved reading articles, still, I felt there was a lack of diversity and interesting content catering towards what I wanted to view, so this was my initial inspiration.

On a lighter note, things are getting better with time and with each generation. It’s very steady progress, but we are slowly and will surely get a place in society where hopefully articles such as this do not have to be repeated as a reminder of the work we need to input.

People are acknowledging this and want and implement change. Also, see the light in every situation; if you are not accepted in the market or industry you want to be in, it signifies a demand and a niche that you can provide, so take it as an opportunity to capitalize it.

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