How To Get Straight Teeth In A Cheap Way Without Braces

Everyone wants straight teeth nobody wants look and hassle of braces

Everyone wants straight teeth, but the thought of being committed to braces for at least 18 months is not a plan everyone is up for doing for various reasons, from the aesthetics to the regime of maintaining them. Smile Direct Club is a teeth aligner that is made easy and visibly more appealing. There are two different types of day or night aligners to choose from. The duration of use for the day aligners is between. 4-6 months, whereas the night aligners expected use is for 10 months, which is significantly lower than traditional braces. See how it works.

Which aligners is right for you?

Clear Aligners


4-6 months

How long to wear in the day?

22 hours per day


£1499 or 120 a month

Nighttime clear Aligners


10 months

how long to wear at night ?

1o hours of continuous nighttime wear


£1499 or £120 a month

After a check with your doctor, you can can purchase retainers that you will use only at night to maintain the results.

  1. The dental team designs your plans.

The dental team will create a 3D scan so they can see everything that goes in your teeth. You can either set an appointment as the smile shop or use at-home kits to create impressions and send them back.

2. The dental team will then create your aligners

A UK dentist or orthodontist will then create your aligners. This would then be shipped to you, and your assigned UK registered dentist or orthodontist will then be in contact from the beginning to end on average every 90 days to checking and assisting during the process.

3. Enjoy the Results!

After check with your doctor, you can purchase retainers that you will use only at night to maintain the results.


Not only is the duration of straight teeth much faster than traditional braces. The cost is lower and more reasonable, making the purchase a lot more realistic. There is two pricing plan. Pay 120 a month, known as smile pay for 12months or single payment of 1499. Take into consideration Braces could cost up to £4800. See the link below.

Set up a payment plan.


A payment plan whereby you start with a deposit of just £199 and then pay £120 a month. This includes 2 sets of retainers at the end of your treatment. No credit check is needed.

Single Pay

Pay much less with a one-time payment of £1499

Limited Offers

- £25 for an impression kit (Previously £39)

- Earn £75 for you and your friend when you recommend a friend to buy a plan too

- £75 off your first pair of aligners

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