How To Quit Your 9-5 Job Quickly For Financial Freedom

Like many people, I always wanted to be financially stable, and I have always struggled to work for someone. I don't come from a wealthy background or have an array of networking contacts to help pursue my dreams. Consistent researching, finding, and understanding my craft made me understand that the entrepreneur's life is key! Most importantly, monetizing on a passion.

Being someone who is naturally reserved, starting my own online outlet is a way for me to be creative, choose how I want my platform to be represented. I watched from leaders and passionate risk-takers of the industry craft to understand the depth of what it takes to have a digital business presence.

1. Find your passion/ side hustle and learn how to make money from it.

To lay the foundations of being an entrepreneur and never look back, it is important to choose what you love because to be able to make above what you already earn and be successful; you need to put the work in, especially in the beginning this may be buying a book or online course on search engine optimization to networking events and building your clientele which all requires money and time! And more money and time than anticipated. Also, if you put effort in what you love, it won't feel as difficult on bad days (there will be a lot of it)

2. There is no cheat code to Financial Freedom.

For the majority of us, we always look for the cheat code to be successful. However, you really need to build your craft. Learn how the industry works and where you want to excel.

"The more you learn, the more your creativity expands this to create niches in your field potentially your field wouldn't have thought about without thorough research"

Besides, don't be afraid to seek help and advice from experts; many people who own and manage the business have experts behind them. Such as networking events you can find on places like The Meetup and Event Tribe.

3. Use Resources That Can Encourage To Find Your Path

Everyone is inspired somehow before choosing a career venture, and do not feel pressured if the eureka moment hasn't yet arrived for you. There are skills you can learn that would be able to enhance your aspirations, such as:

Skill Share

This platform allows developing in creative outlets whereby you probably never thought, had the time to take a private class and possibly make you realize your talents. You can also become a teacher of particular skills you may already have and earn money on the platform too!

Master Class

Like skillshare, Masterclass is also a learning platform, especially for those inspired by famous people and their talents then'll. You'll enjoy this platform and be inspired by these videos. For these experts in their field, you may already have some of their skills and are just lacking the confidence to get started. Join now, and whilst have a special deal is still on, buy an annual membership and share one free.

Remember it is not an easy ride and hardest part is to keep going but the reward once you start seeing growth will have a boost of motivation

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