Is Oat Milk Your Alternative?

An easy understanding of the growing list of nondairy milk

For those looking for alternative milk from dairy for a plant-based lifestyle or who want to cut down on their dairy intake, this is where we explore the different oat minds of milk are available and why it's the milk for you.

You will be delighted to know to its creamy

Yes, and I know that is what everyone drinking alternative milk wants to know. Oat milk and thick and creamy texture, so you don't feel like you're missing anything regular milk was providing.

It’s great with coffee

You will notice you will look forward to drinking your morning and afternoon coffee even more with oat milk due to its flavorsome rich texture. Therefore, it's a creamer and a natural sweetness for those who love sugar and struggle to cut down on the sugar intake.

Why is good for women

Compared to other alternative milk like Soya, whereby too much soya for women can be harmful as the Soy's isoflavones a substance produced to beans and have been blamed for increasing breast cancer risk. It has also been linked to fertility and reproductive development issues amongst women.

The Oat milk brands

The Original Oatly

One of the most popular oat milk companies around and with good reason is that it's originated from Sweden and can be found in supermarkets in the UK. This oat milk varies from whole, semi-skimmed, and cold brew on the go drinks. It has also branched out into making chocolate milk as if they couldn't make it any easier for you to make that milk swap.

Where to buy: Tesco

Learn more about the company's oat other oat based products here

Minor Figures

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but Baristas also made this company oat milk for Baristas so you can expect high-quality home lattes. Also available as an iced latte.

Where to buy: Holland and Barrett

Rude Health

London based alternative milk brand. Has become very popular due to its ethos of High ethics and sustainability consciousness. The growing brand has also branched to other oat food and drink from flavored oat milk to afternoon energy snacks. Check out the variation of their alternative milk products. on their site

Where to buy: Holland and Barrett

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