The 5 People That Will Change Your Life

Your cheerleader

The person will help bring you up when you feel low when you don't believe in yourself, but that person sees your full potential.

Your mentor

The primary role is to point you in the right direction. You probably wonder how you can receive this mentor, so don't be afraid to ask someone to be your mentor and don't be afraid that the person is informal or formal as the person may have resources that you can use, for instance, podcasts, books, articles, etc. You will then realize that you have a couple of cyber mentors once you noted all the potential people. However, this may cause further frustrations; having those 4 or 5 mentors will only direct and point you to different paths. You need 1 mentor who will guide you in one lane as a mentor's job not to point you in multiple directions; therefore, it is important to be hyper-vigilant and choose one.

Your coach

Yes, do not discredit a coach. Their job is meant to make you a little bit uncomfortable and maximize your potential. The coach will make you re-evaluate your current decision as they are seething different scope on your life, and they will provide you with choices that you may not be ready to hear or do at the moment, but the end goal will be fulfilling than anticipated.

Your friend

That one person that knows your truest heart desire.

Your peer

The person that helps you out in the social situation, someone who is in the same industry as you, can keep you in line and your head focused on the industry.

People tend to get the friend and peer confused; the friend will always be connected to your truest heart desire, and your peer will help you keep your head game.

It Is Important to know...

These are the 5 people who make you experience the truest form of happiness. Most of us cannot catch happiness because we are not connected to the right people who can inspire us to get there: your cheerleader, your mentor, your coach, your friend, and your peer.

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