8 Shows That Promote Black People In A Positive Way

Perfect doses of wittiness, authenticity, and a dash of escapsim

We are all tired of watching the same shows demonstrating the cringeworthy stereotypes of black people. Now we are able to cast away these shows as nostalgic programs we watched in our childhood and are looking for series with more substance that demonstrating black people with more aspirations.

As much as shows like Everybody hates Chris portrayed real life struggles in a comedic way, we have now surpassed this level of production and are more analytical about the shows we want to consume and what we can recommend to our other black friends.

The need for more intelligently written shows has skyrocketed and with a more outspoken fanbase thanks to social media, audiences have much more influence and the show writing and the creators have become thoughtful on what the audience deems as acceptable and current to today’s climate.

Here is a list of the top shows and where you can watch them:

Noughts and Crosses

A Dystopia novel by Marlorie Blackman turned series is based on a society where, if history was converted as the white people have been colonized and oppressed by black people. Ultimately a life where being black is only means of privilege and wealth. It illustrates how different life could be if the roles where reversed, an interesting perspective to view how the world could be so different. It also shines a light into how African culture has shaped their world as a result. Similarly to how the western world has heavily influencers our world today… Available to watch on Bbc Iplayer


When you think of what your ideal show will be, from the cast members, locations, storylines and humor then insecure checks the list. Think of Sex and city but with black cast. Season and after season the popularity is increasing with no surprise. The engagement from fans of the show through all digital outlets let you creates a sense of community to discuss and debate about the show. If you’re looking for show to get started with you girlfriends and see storylines based on career, Friendships (toxic and healthy) and realities of relationships and not the typical fluff from unrelatable shows then this is the show to start with. Available to to watch here: Now tv

“What’s a piece of fiction, what’s a novel, what’s a short story, what’s a play or movie or television series? It’s a piece of consciousness being passed from mind to mind. When you’re reading or watching a drama, you’re taking in a piece of consciousness that you make your own”

Bommerang — BET

This is inspired by the original movie Boomerang is based on the life of adverting agency tycoon Marcus’ (Eddie Murphy) womanizing ways and the karma he finds himself in when his new boss is a female version of himself played by co-star Halle Berry in 1992. The series is based on the film, however it demonstrates the next generation, the Millennials including lead from the Eddie Murphy character’s daughter. This is a great coming of age which talks about obstacles, challenges as well aspirations black millennials expect. There is a high standard in production of the show with Halle Berry as executive producer and Lena Waithe and writer and executive producer. Available to watch on Amazon Prime


When you watch a show that not only shows black people in positive way, but you can get the glimpse of how the elite African Americans life is always insightful. Thanks to Oprah Winfrey as Executive, this show’s production and storyline is at the highest quality. It is based on an African American mega church bishop and his family. Each cast member has an individual story to tell and wrestles with some dark yet real life topics. It tackles the true question of if money can buy happiness in a Christian family? Available to watch on Netflix

Dear White People

Whether you are currently living at university or once once did, this show brings all of the nostalgia of university life. It is set at a once prestigious all white American University. The show focuses on the stereotypes, discrimination and microaggressions black people are far too familiar with. The show faces these in way that doesn’t make us pity but makes us reflect and use the culture as a strength. In addition, the quality of the imagery and shots of the series is captivating. Available to watch on Netflix

Queen Sono

This show is for those of you who love an action crime superhero-esque binge. With a black female lead. Filmed in South Africa, Queen Sono showcases a woman with a role as special agent. In front of her peers, she portrays herself as a woman who is under control of her life, however she has personal issues that she is battling behind closed doors. The show caters too well on the rounded approach of an African woman. Available to watch on Netflix


This is another wonderfully produced and witty show that is created by Lena Waithe. Hattie and her two straight best friends in their 20s try to figure out adulting through their love, life, and living in LA. It is a relatable and realistic portrayal of the highs and lows and the multifaceted view of black women. Available to watch on bbc iplayer

She’s Gotta Have It

Talking about a show about mulifaceted black women. She’s Gotta Have Iton Netflix demonstrates a black women — Nola Darling a brooklyn-based paint artist juggles life to keep afloat with her dating life and career, working between passion vs pay commitments. The whirlwind world of Nola gets you fully invested from the first episode.

Available to watch on Netflix

As a black British woman, I find it compelling to watch stories that portray Black women in a positive light, whether that is through fresh organic storylines or in-depth true portrayal that is creatively curated to illustrate the realistic day to day as well as a hint of escapism.

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