Why 5-9 Is The New 9-5 Venture We Need Start A Side Hustle

You're probably looking for a new way to start your business, but you are limited with time as your current job takes up the majority of the day? Or you want to start a new business without leaving your current job? Here's the reason why 5-9 is the way to go.

Increase your streams of income.

It can be daunting to feel the pressure of having a career together financially. Still, it can be difficult for most people to sustain a comfortable lifestyle and feel dependent on working for someone until retirement on one income alone. According to financial guru Robert Kiyosaki, you need 7 streams of income to be a millionaire. Taking into account, not everyone's objective is to be one. Also, not everyone's reasons for starting a new career are driven through superficial prosperity; however, for various reasons such as the charitable cause. However, having multiple streams of income can elevate your lifestyle and keep you in control. Find Robert Kiyosaki books on here.

Get further knowledge of Self-discipline.

Starting your new venture in the evening after your day job enables you to improve your organization to understand how to manage your business. Once your business grows (Which could happen quickly or steadily), you will be able to value your time.

Multiple streams of income

You will read so many articles explaining the benefits of leaving your 9-5 job to peruse financial wealth. However, that may be easy for someone (for those with financial support or savings to sustain them through starting a new business). Again, you may not fall into this category, making you feel like starting a business an unrealistic possibility. However, research and development are essential to starting a new business, and allowing yourself to work into that and adjusting is pivotal for the side hustle. Here is an example of the list of things to consider.


Start freelancing in a career path you want to venture into; this indicates understanding how the industry works. Also, starting at an entry position would only make you better in management when your business starts growing and when a team is required. The experience would make you better qualified to improve your management skills.

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